Pricelist 2019

Cover for blanketpcs14,00 CZK12,00 CZK26,00 CZK
Cover for pillowpcs7,00 CZK6,00 CZK13,00 CZK
Sheet single bedpcs11,00 CZK8,00 CZK19,00 CZK
Sheet double bedpcs13,00 CZK11,00 CZK24,00 CZK
Small towel, dish towelpcs8,00 CZK5,00 CZK13,00 CZK
Big towelpcs9,00 CZK7,00 CZK16,00 CZK
Bath rugpcs12,00 CZK12,00 CZK
Table clothm29,00 CZK7,00 CZK16,00 CZK
Serviettepcs4,00 CZK2,00 CZK6,00 CZK
Naprony, apronpcs8,00 CZK7,00 CZK15,00 CZK
Pants, skirtpcs14,00 CZK17,00 CZK31,00 CZK
Shirtpcs14,00 CZK21,00 CZK25,00 CZK
T-shirt, undershirtpcs12,00 CZK14,00 CZK26,00 CZK
Sweater, sweatshirt, tracksuitpcs23,00 CZK16,00 CZK39,00 CZK
Blouse, vestpcs14,00 CZK17,00 CZK31,00 CZK
Labor coatpcs33,00 CZK24,00 CZK57,00 CZK
Bathrobe, jacketpcs51,00 CZK19,00 CZK70,00 CZK
Underwearpcs14,00 CZK5,00 CZK19,00 CZK
Blanket, pillowkg99,00 CZK99,00 CZK
Curtains, hangingsm217,00 CZK11,00 CZK28,00 CZK
Everything elsekg46,00 CZK53,00 CZK99,00 CZK
Laundry from 340,- CZK per order.
Drying and softening or starching included.
Transport to 10 km 65,- CZK + 9,- CZK for every other 1 km.
Delivery terms (only working days Mo – Fr):
(S)tandard 5 days
(R)apid 3 days + surcharge 25% (Contracted customers excluded.)
(E)xpress 24 hours + surcharge 50%
Prices include the statutory VAT.
The pricelist is valid from 1.1.2019 until the notice of withdrawal.