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The delayed bonding prestress refers to that in the construction stage, the prestressed steel strand has free expansion and deformation, and the part is bonded with the surrounding retarding adhesive, and in the predetermined period after the completion of the construction, the prestressed reinforcement will bond with the surrounding concrete through the solidified retarding adhesive. Federal Register ::Prestressed Concrete Steel Wire Strand Mar 02, 2020 · The Commission hereby gives notice that it has instituted reviews pursuant to the Tariff Act of 1930 (the Act), as amended, to determine whether revocation of the antidumping duty orders on prestressed concrete steel wire strand (PC strand) from Brazil, India, Korea, Mexico, and Thailand, and the antidumping finding on PC strand from Japan, as well as revocation of the countervailing duty

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Galvanized Steel Strand. Application:For prestressed concrete structure reinforced, such as large-span bridges on railway and highway, overhead crane beam,rock-soil anchoring Project,multi-storey industrial buildings,stadiums, coal mines and etc. Material:high carbon steel Strand size:6.2mm-17.80mm Tensile strength:different Grade from min.1470 N/mm2 to min.1960N/mm2 PC Steel Strand :SunMing Prestressed Concrete Strand 10 rows · PC Steel Strand. Prestressed steel strand is mainly used for the reinforcement of PC Strand - hengxingsteelwire17 rows · Prestressed concrete strand (PC Strand), our company can produce various models of

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India customers in marketing and distribution of prestressed concrete strands/wires and other prestressed concrete products in India:PC Steel Strand Size 15.24 mm 7 Wire Grade 270k PC Strand 15.4mm according to ASTM A416 PC Strands for DOHA PC Strands in sizes 15.2mm & 15.7mm. PC Strand for Reinforcement of Prestressed Concrete PC strand is made from High-carbon steel wire rods used for reinforcement of prestressed concrete structures. Our PC strand common sizes are 9.3 - 15.7 mm. Preliminary Determination in Antidumping Duty On September 24, 2020, the Department of Commerce (Commerce) announced its preliminary determinations in the antidumping (AD) investigations of imports of Prestressed Concrete Steel Wire Strand (PC Strand) from Argentina, Colombia, Egypt, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates.

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Cold drawn high carbon steel galvanized coated PC strand, braided steel cable are commonly used in post-tensioned prestressed concrete structures. PC Spiral Wire. High tensile strength and low relaxation carbon steel PC wire features spiral ribbed surface for increased bonding force. PC Bright Wire. Prestressed Concrete Steel Strand Market Demand, Growth Sep 06, 2021 · Prestressed Concrete Steel Strand Market Size By Regional(Europe, North America, South America, Asia Pacific, Middle East And Africa), Industry Growth Opportunity, Price Trends, Competitive Shares Prestressed Concrete Steel Wire Strand from Indonesia May 11, 2021 · The Commissions public report Prestressed Concrete Steel Wire Strand from Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, South Africa, Spain, Tunisia, and Ukraine (Inv. Nos. 731-TA-1505-1507, 1510-1511, 1513, and 1515 (Final), USITC Publication 5196, May 2021) will contain the views of the Commission and information developed during the investigations.

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The Department of Commerce is conducting an administrative review of the antidumping duty (AD) order on prestressed concrete steel wire strand (PC strand) from Thailand1 covering the period of review (POR) January 1, 2015, through December 31, 2015. The review covers one producer/exporter of the subject merchandise, The Siam Industrial Wire Co., Ltd. (SIW). We preliminarily determine that SIW did not make sales of the subject merchandise PC Strand - hengmingsteelwirePrestressed concrete strand (PC Strand) is a high carbon, sevenwire steel product used to impart compression forces into pre-cast structures. such as large-span railway and road bridges, buildings, dams, floor slabs, foundations, large concrete vessels, stadiums, airport hangers, pre-cast segments, crane beams, anchorages and multi-storey industrial buildings etc.