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Near Infrared Camera (Raspberry Pi) Camera capable of detecting short infrared light no longer than approx. 1000nm. Near Infrared Camera (Raspberry Pi) - Read More BOSS HEAD Square Shape ALUMINIUM Bosshead Clamp Aluminium Bosshead Clamp with Screw These boss heads are made from heavy-duty die-cast aluminium and painted to a nice finish. The screw and block style connection is able to support a good amount of weight.

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acrylic equilateral prism, 100mm x 25mm model #pae100 ACRYLIC EQUILATERAL PRISM, 150MM X 25MM Model #PAE150 ACRYLIC EQUILATERAL PRISM, 25MM X 25MM Model #PAE025 Chemistry Lab Equipment Manufacturer in India , Chemistry Double burette clamp with all aluminium casted mounts on rod of 1/4 to 1/2 in diameter, two burettes can be securely held in a vertical position whereas still permitting full read of the burette scale. With rotatable air regulator, equipped on a painted metal base. 25 mm x 24 Tubes. 30 mm x 21 Tubes. Double bosshead, painted, large, 21 mm - Laboratory Buy Double bosshead, painted, large, 21 mm in Auxilab, the online shop of laboratory equipment at the best price. X. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue, we'll assume that you accept the cookies from this website. You can view our Cookies policy.

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Ace Glass. Clamp is designed to fit 4 inch conical flanges, allowing the top half to be removed without disturing the lower half. Clamp features and extension arm (1/2 x 8 inch) suitable for attachment to an appropriate support stand or lab frame. Silicone liner will withstand temperatures up to 500ºdegF. Imaging & Aesthetics Supplies - 65Mhz Ultrasound Transducer Convex Array Ultrasound Transducer 0Mhz Ultrasound Ultrasound Board For Model Curved Array Ultrasound Transducer Probe Phased Array Lab Glassware - Lab StandMl Round Bottom 3-Neck Flask Flask 19 22 Addition Funnel Pressure Equalizing Pressure-Equalizing Addition Funnel Kontes Lab Glass Kimax Glass 250Ml Pyrex Glass 100Ml Chemglass Chromatography Red Volumetric Kimax Separatory 14 20 Lab Glass Ml Glass Beakers Flat Bottom Long Neck Neck Flat Bottom Glass Pennyhead Distillation Condenser Solid Lab Glass Kimax Ground Glass Glass 1000Ml

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Purchase Laboratory assemblies and tools Assemblies at Labotienda, the online shop of lab material at the best price. Mechanical Engineering Lab Equipments,Civil Engineering Mechanical Engineering Lab Equipments Civil Engineering Lab Equipments Electrical Engineering Lab Equipments Electronics and Telecommunication Lab EquipmentsTVET Civil Engineering Equipment Supply, Delivery Installation and Commissioning and Training from India. Civil Laboratory Equipment Manufacturers, Civil Laboratory Equipment Suppliers, Civil Laboratory Instruments Exporters,India. Stands Racks Clamps - Test Tubes Stand Plastic 2 Rows of 6 Holes, each to take up to 12 test tubes - 4 Holes of about 25 mm diameter & 8 holes dia. Box Contain. Depends on Order. A single piece, moulded plastic test tube stand has 2 rows of 6 holes each to take up to 12 test tubes 4 holes of about 25mm diameter and 8 holes of 16mm diameter. also has five vertical pegs for draining.

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Buy Double bosshead, zinc-plated, extra large, 25 mm in Rogo-Sampaic, the online shop of laboratory equipment at the best price X We use cookies to ensure that we