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Mar 09, 2020 · We use different types of mesh (reinforcement) in footings as per design. You can refer different types of Reinforcement used in footings from here. Steps involved in calculating the bar bending schedule of a footings:- Remember, Steel required for construction is ordered in Kgs or Number of Bars. The standard size of each bar is 12m. The final output of BBS calculation is in Kgs or in Building Estimation Step by Step In Excel SheetQUANTITY SHEET:Sr. No. Item Description No. Length (m) Widht/ Breadth (m) Height/ Depth (m) Quantity:Unit:10:In Side Plaster:Bed Room:Long Wall:2:4.000:3.000:24.00:Sq.m. Shot wall:2:3.000:3.000:18.00:Sq.m. Deduction:Door D1-0.5:1.000:2.100-1.05:Sq.m. Window W2-0.5:1.200:1.000-0.60:Sq.m. Window W3-0.5:1.200:1.200-0.72:Sq.m. Kitchen + Dining:Long Wall:2:4.000:

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Aug 21, 2019 · PCC 1:5:10 =2.52 bags/cum. 16. PCC 1:3:6 =4.2 bags/cum. 17. PCC 1:2:4 =6.02 bags/cum. 18. 230 mm brick =0.876 bags/cum. 19. 115 mm brick work =0.218 bags/cum. 20. VDF 100 mm thick =0.82 bags/sqm. Estimating Steel For Reinforcement - DAILY CIVILEstimating Steel For Reinforcement:For RCC works estimates of steel is essentially required for the following purposes. 1. For acquirement of the materials. 2. To check or to submit the utilization of the material at site. 3. To prepare an accurate bill for payment. For point (1) and (2), the best method of calculating the amount of steel is Rebar Estimating Methodologies - Bidding ProfessionalsYou can make a rough estimate by using thumb rule that about 80 kg of rebar is required per cum. of slab. So if slab size is say 10m x 10m x 0.2m. Concrete = 10 x 10 x 0.2 = 20 cum. Therefore, Rebar = 80 kg x 20 = 1600 kg = 1.6 MT. This method is often used to get a rough idea of the cost and weight of the steel that is used for the building

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For driveways and patios a #3 rebar which is 3/8 inch in diameter should be sufficient for the purpose. If you are constructing walls, piers or columns I recommend the use of #4 (1/2 inch) rebar. For building footings I would use a #5 (5/8 inch) rebar. The installation Standard System of Measuring Building Work 1999REINFORCEMENT 20 General 15 21 Classification 15 22 Bar reinforcement 16 23 Special reinforcement 16 24 Fabric reinforcement 16 25 Pre-tensioned or post-tensioned reinforcement 16 26 Tests 16 PRECAST CONCRETE 1 Classification 17 2 Formwork 17 3 Reinforcement 17 4 Bedding, jointing, etc 17 5 Unit of measurement 17 6 Wall linings 17 7 Copings, sills, etc 17 Thumb Rules For Civil Engineering Thumb Rules For Civil

    1. See full list on civiconceptsReinforcing bar specificationstension tests on full-size bars for #11, #14, and #18 bars in Grade 60. These more re s t ri c t i v e provisions for bend tests and tension tests satisfy the exceptions in the AC I Building Co d e , AASHTO and Fe d e r al specifications. If a p r oject in which A615 rebars are to be used must con-

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      Oct 01, 2018 · Calculate Steel Quantity for Slab. Obtain slab dimension and reinforcement details from design drawings as shown in Fig.1. Compute number of steel bars. Main Steel Bars No. of bars= (Slab length (L)/spacing)+1 Equation 1 Shrinkage and Temperature Steel Bars No. of bars= (Slab length (S)/spacing)+1 Equation 2 In equation 1, center to center spacing of main reinforcement steel bars