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Böker Plus Tube Scarf Camo Boker USA

The practical Boker Plus tubular scarf is extremely stretchy and can be used as neckerchief, scarf, bracelet, headband, hair band, balaclava or headscarf. The versatile wearable cold protection made of polyester has a modern camouflage pattern and is a useful companion in Böker Strop Top Finish Boker USAThe Boker Strop Top Finish with specially treated cowhide on both sides for an especially long life. It gives any blade the perfect finish after the knife has been sharpened on a stone like the Belgian "Brocken". Both surfaces are perfect for working with the grinding pastes from the Boker range. Incl. Boker stamp. Work surface:4.0 x 26 cm.

Olive Wood O Lexicon Boker Outdoor & Collection

Olive Wood. Olive wood is used to make exclusive knife handles. It has a gray, beautifully nuanced color and strong individual pattern. Olive wood is very hard and dense as well as moisture-resistant. In southern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, the olive tree is not just cultivated around the Mediterranean, but singled out as a symbol Synthetic K Lexicon Boker Outdoor & CollectionSynthetic. Synthetic consists of synthetically or semi-synthetically produced polymers. The first plastics were produced in the 19th century, consisting of natural substances such as rubber or cellulose. The production process was invented as early as 1531 by Wolfgang Seidel, who lived in Augsburg, Germany.x50crmov15-KPT trade - Shipbuilding Steel Plate,Cold X50CrMoV15 X Lexicon Boker USAThe chromium/molybdenum/vanadium alloy X50CrMoV15 is a classic top-grade kitchen knife steel we use in our Forge series and other products.It is on the level of the 4116 and has a X50CrMoV15 X Lexicon Boker Outdoor Collection.