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Stainless Steel 440C Plate Manufacturers & Suppliers. Metlines stainless steel 440C plate processing capabilities include cut-to-length plates, blanking, and edge trimming services. We specialise in offering cut-to-length stainless steel 440C plates in thicknesses ranging from 6mm up to 50mm. Stainless Steel Grade 440C (UNS S44004) 440A, 440B, 440C stainless steel sheets, plates - China Saky Steel produce 440 series hardenable martensitic stainless steel sheets & plates 440A, 440B, 440C AISI 440A, UNS S44002, JIS SUS440A, W.-nr. 1.4109 ( DIN X70CrMo15 ) stainless steel sheets, plates, flats AISI 440B, UNS S44003, JIS SUS440B, W.-nr. 1.4112 ( DIN X90CrMoV18 ) stainless steel

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Grade 440C stainless steel is a high carbon martensitic stainless steel. It has high strength, moderate corrosion resistance, and good hardness and wear resistance. Grade 440C is capable of attaining, after heat treatment, the highest strength, hardness and wear resistance of all the stainless alloys. 440c Stainless Steel supplier 440c stainless steel 440C (UNS designation S44004) is a martensitic 400 series stainless steel, and is the highest carbon content from 400 stainless steel series. It is usually heat treated to reach hardness of 5658 HRC. It is a bearing steel, and used in rolling contact stainless bearings, e.g. ball bearings and roller bearings. IS 440C stainless steel magnetic? 440c plate - Steel Material SupplierAug 25, 2019 · Stainless Steel 440C Plates shall be of nice importance for any type of project applications. Grade 440C stainless steel is a excessive carbon martensitic stainless steel. It has excessive energy, reasonable corrosion resistance, and good hardness and wear resistance.

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440C SS Round Bar, 440C Stainless Steel Forged Bar, UNS S44004 Flat Bar, WERKSTOFF NR. 1.4125 Box Bar Stockist and Suppliers India 440C SS Square Bar, 440C SS Hex Bar, 440C SS Bright Bar, JIS SUS 440C SS Polished Rod, Bright Rod, SUS440C SS Hex Rod, JIS SUS 440C SS Square Rod, SUS440C SS Hexagon Bars Distributors & Wholesaler Mumbai India AISI SS 440C Bars, ASTM A276 440C Stainless Steel Bars Stainless Steel UNS S44004 Bars is as well not usually welded because of its propensity to air toughen. SUS 440C Bars are not usually suggested for high temp functions because of a lessening in corrosion resistance when hardened beyond 400 Deg C. AISI 440C Bars have a corrosion resistance inferior than that of other related grades. Industrial-Grade stainless steel aisi 440c for Specialists These stainless steel aisi 440c have durably reinforced formulations to help them stand immense stress from harsh environments. The stainless steel aisi 440c come in multiple thicknesses and gauges and offer outstanding wear-and-tear resistance qualities. They are added with high-strength chemicals that can effectively resist damage by UV rays.

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AISI 440C / UNS S44004 / JIS SUS440C / EN 1.4125 / DIN X105CrMo17 stainless, martensite grade 440C stainless steel offers the highest hardness among all martensitic grades, it achieves HRC 57~60 after suitable heat treatment. Stainless Steel Grade 440C (UNS S44004)

  • IntroductionOther DesignationsMachinabilityWeldingHot WorkingAnnealingHardeningApplicationsStainless steels are high-alloy steels which have high corrosionresistance compared to other steels due to the presence of largeamounts of chromium. Based on their crystalline structure, they aredivided into three types such as ferritic, austenitic, and martensiticsteels. Another group of stainless steels are precipitation-hardenedsteels. They are a combination of martensitic and austenitic steels. Grade 440C stainless steel is a high carbon martensitic stainlesssteel. It has high strength, moderate corrosion resiAISI SS 440 Stainless Steel 440C 440A 440B Material Dec 14, 2019 · SS 440 Stainless Steel. SS 440A, 440B and 440C stainless steel are AISI and ASTM standard high carbon high chromium martensitic stainless steel, SS440 has high strength, good hardness, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and high temperature dimensional stability. For AISI 440 stainless steel datasheet, heat treatment and equivalent chart, please see the tables below. Stainless Steel SS 440c / S44004 / 1AISI - 440C UNS - S44004 EN - X105CrMo17C Availability :Alloy 440C is available as round / flat. other products such as plate and forgings in their respective specifications. In the highly aggressive world of manufacturing, Type 440C Stainless Steel is broadly

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    440C stainless steel is a martensitic stainless steel with a strong carbon and chromium material. It has the maximum efficiency, toughness, and wear tolerance of any stainless alloy after heat treatment. The corrosion resistance of 440C stainless steel plate is derived from the addition of chromium, and it is equivalent to grade 304.