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the teaching of SPHE. Guidelines have been issued to schools for policy development around substance use, bullying, sexuality (RSE) and personal safety education, all of which fall within the SPHE curriculum. Recent DES circulars (Circulars , 0022/2010 0065/2011 0045/2013, ) have provided further guidance to schools in this area. AN EDUCATIONAL AWARENESS PROGRAMME ON bullying in schools. The lessons are grounded in the SPHE Primary School Curriculum. They contain detailed plans for how to do the work with upper primary school children. Also included is information for teachers, worksheets for children and related resources. The pilot project was guided by an Advisory Group whose advice and support

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The All Together Now programme is focused on addressing anti LGBTI+ bullying in Primary Schools in Ireland. All Together Now is composed of four lessons based in the SPHE curriculum for 5th and 6th classes in primary schools. The lessons take an equality and human rights approach to respect, inclusion and homophobic and transphobic bullying. Anti-bullying PDSTAnti-Bullying Procedures for Primary and Post-Primary Schools-Department of Education and Skills. Circular 0045/2013 Anti-Bullying Procedures for Primary and Post-Primary Schools. Action Plan on Bullying:Report of the Anti-Bullying Working Group to the Minister for Education and Skills. PDST Anti-Bullying Template. PDST Information Booklet. Anti-bullying Shed - THE LITERACY SHEDA solitary, one winged creature called Wing is harassed by a group of oppressive crows due to being weak and different from them. He decides that he wants to overcome his disability and escape from the forest. He builds a catapult and a mechanical wing to accomplish this. When he launches himself away from the forest, the wing malfunctions, and

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bullying is defined as unwanted negative behaviour, verbal, psychological or physical conducted by an individual or group against another person (or persons) and which is repeated over time. Resources SPHE NetworkResource Theme. Reset. All Anti LGBT Bullying Care of the Environment Co-operation & Conflict Resolution Decision Making European and Global Identity Feelings and Communication Health Local, National, Personal Looking Outside the Circle Media Education & Critical Thinking Skills Picturebooks Promoting a Just and Caring Society Relationships SPHE Willow Park First Year - Day and Boarding School All areas of school life, most notably, events such as Bullying Awareness Day, Orientation Day, Retreats, Green Flag activities and the work of the Care Group, Deputy Principal and Class Tutors, were seen to be instrumental in the effective delivery of a whole school programme of SPHE.

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SPHE. In The Classroom. In The Classroom The recommended time allocation for SPHE is one class period per week or equivalent. Through participating in the SPHE programme the young person will encounter a wide range of issues through a variety of learning experiences. These issues will be addressed in ten modules, each of which appears in each SPHE Links Seomra RangaDevelopment Education Ireland dealing with the topics of human rights, justice, equality and inequality, race, poverty, exclusion, disadvantage, discrimination and many other issues. Walk Tall SPHE Programme for the prevention of Substance Misuse. Stay Safe Programme. Anti-Bullying Centre, Trinity College, Dublin. Unicef Ireland. SPHE Support ServicesSupport Services The SPHE Support Service provides support for schools with all aspects of the implementation of SPHE in a whole school context. If you would like to avail of any of the supports listed below please go to the Contacts section for names and contact details of relevant personnel.

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These resources are great for a SPHE lesson looking to cover the strand Myself and others and the strand unit of My friends and other people. Buy this bundle and save