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Mar 19, 2010 · For centuries, Master Tungs Points have been obscure and inaccessible to most practitioners. Now, for the first time, Tungs Points are available for any acupuncturist to learn and practicethanks to Dr. Wei-Chieh Young's books and Susan Johnson's DVDs. Whether youre a new or seasoned practitioner, whether youve already studied Tungs Points or not, these resources will Master Tung Master Tung's AcupunctureMaster Tungs acupuncture consists of over 740 points. Some of these points are those of the same classical acupuncture and hundreds of others have been discovered by the Tung family, thus making this style unique and effective. Chinese acupuncture has a long history that some believe is easily extended to over 2500 years.

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Aug 01, 2011 · Tung's acupuncture is a complete system that includes its own channels, unique points, diagnostic methods and needling techniques. Furthermore, Tung's acupuncture is based on a five zang (six fu) channel system that is unique to the Tung system, and different from the traditional 14 channels of acupuncture. The five zang channel system however, is not widely known of, as it has been obscured in most of the literature regarding Tung's acupuncture. Master Tung Fascia Course AcupunctureMaster Tung's points on this fascial line include 77.01 - 77.04, and are known to treat neck pain, whiplash, and brain disorders. By applying a needle stimulus in the achilles tendon, mechanical signals are sent through the fascia that can help to release tension in the neck, upper spine, and brain. Master Tung's Acupuncture for Pain:A Clinical Guide It is a HIGHLY practical book. It is a major step forward in the understanding of master Tung's acupuncture. Rather than memorizing a bunch of extra points, one should really start thinking acupuncture in a rational and consistent way :that is what this book aims at ! This really is a best of master Tung's acupuncture.

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Master Tungs Points are located opposite the affected area (points on the head can treat the feet, and vice versa). For this reason, the bodys energetic pathways must be kept clear, so the practitioner selects only a few powerful points for treatment. Tungs acupuncture is very safe; most of the points are located on the extremities Master Tung's Protocols CatsTCMNotesSuggested acupuncture protocols based on Master Tung's acupuncture for disease and dysfunction, Includes acupuncture protocols for allergies, autoimmune, chemotherapy side effects and cancer, circulatory and heart disorders, dermatology, digestive disorders, facial Master Tungs Points DVD - Master Tung's Magic PointsMaster Tungs Magic Points:Point Location and Needling Technique DVD by Susan Johnson, L.Ac. Four discs; 4.75 hours Discover a remarkably effective, easy-to-learn system of acupuncture with immediate and lasting results.

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Jul 11, 2019 · Acupuncture protocol for plantar fasciitis using Master Tung's points and principles. Treatment options for unilateral and bilateral plantar fasciitis.About Master Tung's PointsI am currently developing a series of courses called Master Tung's points and Fascia. I enjoy studying biomedicine and the physiology of how acupuncture and herbal medicines work. It is an aspiration to bridge acupuncture research and modern medicine.