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Shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding and Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding processes shows improve mechanical properties of stainless steel and low carbon joints [14]. TIG welding provides greater control over SMAW and MIG weld process, provides higher quality welds in a wide variety of metal and alloys. (PDF) Intergranular Embrittlement Of SS 321 Alloy Due To A number of weld joints between carbon steel (CS) pipe and type 304 stainless steel (SS) elbows constituting a gas piping system of a petrochemical unit developed cracks after a relatively short

21 Types of Pipe Corrosion & Failure

Mar 08, 2021 · Documented Examples of Pipe Corrosion and Failure. CorrView International, LLC offers a series of photo galleries taken from 18 years of past ultrasonic piping investigations, which address the above and additional corrosion conditions. A review of the different types of corrosion is often helpful in initially determining the likely corrosion cause. Basic Understanding of Weld Corrosionwhen type 304 stainless steel is welded using a ller metal with high chromium-nickel content, steep concentration gradients of chromium and nickel are found in the fusion zone, whereas the unmixed zone has a composition similar to the base metal (Fig. 2). Heat-Affected Zone.The HAZ is the por-tion of the weld joint which has experienced Difference Between Socket Weld and Butt WeldApr 05, 2019 · Socket weld is troublesome in corrosive fluid service due to crevice corrosion. And it is easy to corrode due to the discontinuity of the smooth pipe internals. Butt weld is the best in terms of strength, fatigue, and corrosion resistance, and temperatures compliance. However, it is more difficult to fit-up and weld properly, needing

Effects of Post Weld Heat Treatment on Mechanical and

Oct 26, 2018 · To prevent a failure caused by stress corrosion cracking (SCC) of welded carbon steel pipe in district heating systems within service life, the effects of post weld heat treatment (PWHT) on the mechanical, electrochemical properties and resistance of SCC were investigated. As the result of normalized treatment, Vickers hardness, yield strength and tensile strength decreased, but ductility Explosive welding of stainless steelcarbon steel coaxial Aug 17, 2011 · Bi-metallic corrosion resistant steel pipes were produced through explosive welding process. The weldability window of the stainless steel pipe (inner pipe) and the carbon steel pipe (outer pipe) was determined by the use of available semi-empirical relations. The impact velocity of the pipes as the most important collision parameter was calculated by the finite element simulation. Direct Failure Analysis of a Steel Elbow Pipe from a Gas Well May 12, 2020 · Pipelines failures represent a very serious and expensive problem in the oil and gas industry. These industries expend the equivalent of millions of dollars every year to repair damages [1,2,3,4].For example, in the case of oil and gas wells, CO 2 appears as an impurity in natural gas which dissolves in water causing the formation of corrosive acid carbonic to carbon steel pipes [5,6,7,8].

Failure investigation of welded flange-elbow joint

Welding is one of the most used ways of connection for pipe and pipe or head. Weld joint failure can influence the life of equipments, and even cause a safety accident [2][3] [4].Accordingly, how Improving Chilled Water Piping Distribution Carbon steel pipe schedule 40 and hard copper pipe type L or M are most commonly used. Hard piping requires the use of threaded, grooved, welded or brazed fittings at every turn, at every valve, at every branch to multiple air conditioners and at every 1.8 or 6 meters (6 or 20 Welding of Hollow Structural Sections Steel Tube InstituteThe design of fillet welds in structural steel buildings in the US is governed by AISC 36010 Table J2.5 and is based on the limit state of shear failure of the weld using a matching (or undermatching) filler metal. For a simple 90° Tjoint the LRFD resistance of a single weld is given by:

Failure of weld joints between carbon steel pipe and 304

Apr 01, 2005 · A number of weld joints between carbon steel (CS) pipe and type 304 stainless steel (SS) elbows constituting a gas piping system of a petrochemical unit developed cracks after a relatively short period of usage, resulting in leakage. The gas flowing through the pipe, was hydrogen rich at a temperature of 45 °C and a pressure of 16 kg/cm 2.