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T107-0809 SS200 square shaft to a RS3500.300 round shaft 13,000 ft-lbs T107-0808 SS175 square shaft to a RS3500.300 round shaft 11,000 ft-lbs 5,500 ft-lbs SS5/SS150 square shaft to a RS2875.203 round C278-0150 shaft CATALOG NUMBER DESCRIPTION TORQUE RATINGS Transition Couplings - Torque Ratings SS200/RS3500.300 120,000. (534) 91,000. (405) Foundation Helical Pier Repair in Worcester, Springfield Helical piers are mechanically advanced into the soil using small construction or hand equipment. As they are installed to appropriate depths and capacities, they prevent any future settlement issues. In many scenarios, these foundation piers will be able to lift your home back to a level position by the completion of the installation.


FCI performs Helical Pier installation and Foundation Restoration and Repair work for commercial, industrial and residential support. Extensive training and field work allows our team to utilize helical piers due to reasons including securing new foundations and stabilizing existing foundations in the Tri-State area of Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. Helical Pier Installation - Curren EnvironmentalFOUNDATION Systems Repair & Support. Helical piers were originally developed to structurally support offshore foundations (lighthouses) and developed over time for inland use. Helical piers can be used on both new and old construction for foundation support. On new construction, helical piers can be installed to provide a solid base for foundations, where soils may not naturally be able to support the weight Helical Pier Installation in Anchorage, Homer, Juneau and Specialized Equipment. Our machines are specifically designed for installing helical piers year-round and are operated by a single installer, making our work more accurate, efficient, and cost-effective.

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What It Does:Supportworks Push Piers are made of steel and include a set of helical blades on the lower section of the pier.. These piers are mechanically advanced into the soil using small construction equipment or hand equipment. As they are installed to appropriate depths and capacities, they prevent any future settlement issues. Helical Piers Installation in Denver, CO Olshan Helical Pier Installation Denver, CO. A helical pier is a hollow steel extruded pipe section (shaft) with one or more circular steel plates (helixes) welded to the shaft. The plates are shaped as a helix with a carefully controlled pitch, which allows the helical pier to be inserted with minimal soil disturbance into the ground. The central shaft is used to transmit torque during installation and to transfer axial (up and down) loads to the helical Helical Piers and EquipmentWhat is a Helical Pile? New Construction; Underpin; Solar; Flood Zones; Tiebacks; Technical Engineering; Contractors; Installation Equipment; Solar Panel Mounting; ICC-ES Certified Products; Helical RCS Piles; Round Shaft Helical Piles; Grouted Piles; Combo Piles; Tools for Piles and Anchors; Resources; Push Piers; Earth Anchors. Duckbill

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Helical piers and helix anchors provide instant usability. The rapid installation offered by Helix anchors can result in overall cost savings in time and work hours. Helical pile installation causes less noise pollution and can be installed with low noise levels and minimal vibrations. Home ~ helicalsalesTypes of Helical Piles. Helical piles are available square or round shaft configurations. The square shaft anchors are available in 1.25, 1.5, and 1.75 with 8, 10 or 12 helices. These are commonly used in uplifting/tension applications. Slab Pier System Installation in Vermont and New Hampshire There are two types of slab piers:push-type slab piers and helical slab piers. Both foundation repair products can be effective, and selecting one over the other depends on your unique situation and the preferences of the contractor who is installing them. Both types of slab piers use small installation equipment, so installations can be completed in tight-access areas such as bathrooms or

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Our equipment offers several advantages. Techno Metal Posts installation machines are specifically designed for one job and one job only to install helical piers. Other companies use excavators and skid steers adapted for helical pier work, but their capacities are limited.